Music Supervision & Licensing

We have  over 15 years of experience in 

Music Supervision and Licensing, working on hundreds of film, advertising and tv projects.

We offer a fresh perspective and commitment to finding the best music for your project tailored to what you need. Whether it's searching for the right track, suggesting the right composer or licensing the songs you want, we combine our creative and business sense to help create yo

Brand & Talent Deals

We've worked with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Clear Channel, YSL and Samsung to conceive and create effective and successful Brand Partnerships and Campaigns focused around Talent.  We find the right talent to represent your campaign.

We're full of ideas!  So if you have a Brand or Client you're working with and want our advise on creating exciting, 'think outside of the box'  campaigns, reach out!

Business Affairs & Consulting (specialising in Indie Artists)

We offer contract drafting and negotiations, accounts, management and deal advice, complete bespoke artist services to indie artists. We take our time to explain the business side of the music industry. 

Additionally, with our extensive experience and contacts in both the US and Australia, we're able to reach International and Australian Talent to negotiate deals and licenses quickly and efficiently.