Music Supervision & Licensing

We have  over 15 years of experience in 

Music Supervision and Licensing, working on hundreds of film, advertising and tv projects.

We offer a fresh perspective and commitment to finding the best music for your project tailored to what you need. Whether it's searching for the right track, suggesting the right composer or licensing the songs you want, we combine our creative and business sense to help create yo

Brand & Talent Deals

We've worked with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Clear Channel, YSL and Samsung to conceive and create effective and successful Campaigns and Brand Partnerships focused around Talent.  We find the right talent to represent your campaign.

We're full of ideas!  So if you have a Brand or Client you're working with and want our advise on creating exciting, 'think outside of the box'  campaigns, reach out!

Business Affairs & Consulting (specialising in Indie Artists)

We offer contract drafting and negotiations, accounts, management and deal advice, complete bespoke artist services to indie artists. We take our time to explain the business side of the music industry. 

Additionally, with our extensive experience and contacts in both the US and Australia, we're able to reach International and Australian Talent to negotiate deals and licenses quickly and efficiently. 

Koo's work is, in a word, amazing.  She not only has the most incredible ear for music, but also, with her skills as both a producer and a legal professional, Koo has negotiated licensing and usage fees that are amazing.    Without Koo's boundless creativity and tireless efforts, we could never have what I consider to be a remarkable score and soundtrack.   

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay Koo is the following - if she will have me as her director, Koo will always be my music supervisor.  

Dennis Lee

Writer/Director of "Jesus Henry Christ"


The first time I met Koo Abuali I was impressed with her knowledge, her willingness to listen and learn, and her wonderful spirit. As I got to know her better, I was doubly impressed by her sheer enthusiasm for music. I think it's this infectious enthusiasm that makes her so good at what she does - the joy that she finds in all aspects of the music business, from production to placement, her love of the discovery of new music, and her ear for emerging talent are what sets her apart from other music supervisors"

Stacy Widelitz

Award winning songwriter/ Lead at NFF

Koo is an excellent music supervisor. She manages to be friendly and professional, while exhibiting exuberance, enthusiasm and passion for music. Very refreshing!”

Simone Benyacar

Head Of Music, The Ant Farm

Koo really cares about artists and encourages them to not only understand the music industry as a business but how to be in control of their own careers. Her guidance has been invaluable.

Wilson O

Independent Artist